About Perkūnijos pirtis

20150724_183728-2-280x190Welcome to our site. If you are looking for something special, we invite you to try  out Lithuanian pirtis (sauna) rituals. Lithuanian bath has old traditions. The earliest mentioning of bath dates back the XIV th century. Our ancestors were going to sauna to bath and relax every Saturday, after a week of hard work. First men, then women and children. Nowadays, more and more popular becomes a tradition of going to bath together with a professional bathmaster. Lead by the bathmaster, your bath visit will become a real SPA ritual which makes you healthier and gives you complete relaxation. Lithuanian bath is well known for using plants and herbs during the bathing procedure. In our bath, besides plats and herbs, we use other materials from the nature, such as salt, honey, amber etc. If you haven’t experienced Lithuanian bath yet, try it out at Perkunijas pirtis.

Our bath “Perkunijos pirtis” is near Kaunas, in the center of Lithuania. It’s a brand new wooden bath, comfortable and cosy, where you can discover a real Lithuanian bath traditions and SPA programs.

Audra, the master of the bath, has finished a “Lithuanian pirtis academy” and has got a  diploma of a profesional bathmaster. She has got the basic news required for a profesional bathmaster, such as whisking, scrubing and massage techniques, aromatheraphy, trees and herbs, etc. She was working at luxuriuos SPA center, participating in various championships. Now she is taking part in bathmaster’s championships as a judge. She is also organising various bath festivals. This summer she has got a Reiki second level diploma. Now she is working at her own high quality bath, specially designed for healthy bath procedures. So you can be sure that the time you’ll spend here will bring you full relax and unforgetable experiences.




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