Bath Programmes

Lithuanian sauna is akin to a chest full of gifts of nature. Try out one of the programs offered by professional sauna master of Perkunija to experience the unforgettable.


At Perkunija, there are regularly organized thematic sauna evenings, seminars, and other kinds of events. Information on the events and happenings can be found on Perkunija’s Facebook page. You can always ask for specific seminar tailored to your interests. Seminars can be complemented with sauna program.

Horse Riding

The next door neighbor of Perkunija is a horse riding facility Pajiesio žirgai, where, depending on your skills, you can either ride beautiful Lithuanian horses on your own or take individual horse riding lessons.

For Companies

At Perkunija, we have a causy hall for hosting company events. We invite companys organize their seminars, educational and business meetings at our premises. The hall features glass walls with a view on picturisque countryside. After the meeting, you will be welcomed to get the best Perkunija sauna can offer.

For Educational Organizations

We invite to take part in Kaunas District Educational Centre’s certified competence-boosting seminar about sauna. Seminar can be attended by holder of any job in the educational organization: nurses and care-takers, administrators, consultants, teachers.

Bath Rent

If you like sauna, we invite you to spend a memorable evening at Perkunija. Our sauna is tailored to professional sauna rithuals and procedures. The shelves are comfortably wide for whisking, body scrub, hammam-type soap bubble or Lithuanian honey massage. The powerful stove, where flames have direct contact with stones, produces light and soft steam, which professionals refer to as “velvet”.

Gift Coupon

The best gift, which you can give to a friend – an invitation to a causy, healthy, and aromatic Lithuanian sauna. Give a present of unforgettable sauna rithuals at Perkunija.

Building a bath?

Creating the right microclimate inside of sauna was of outmost importance – people in sauna must feel exceptionally good. If you plan to build your own sauna, we invite you to visit Perkunija, see how it is built, get a professional advise from the owners.

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