• At Perkunija, we have a causy hall for hosting company events. We invite companys organize their seminars, educational and business meetings at our premises. The hall features glass walls with a view on picturisque countryside. After the meeting, you will be welcomed to get the best Perkunija sauna can offer.
  • INTRODUCTORY SAUNA PROGRAM FOR GROUPS, COMPANIES, FOREIGN GUESTS”. Lead by professional sauna masters, this program will definitely leave you unforgettable memories. Sauna masters will tell stories about sauna, whisks, the stove, the principles of healthy sauna, and share professional tricks and tips on sauna. Professional sauna master will lead you through the first sauna rithual, help you get the most out of the visit to sauna. The most common words we hear after this program are those: “so many years I was going to sauna, but it turns out I knew nothing about it!” the sauna program will be tailored to each company’s specific needs.
  • Should you be looking for ways to give unforgettable memories from Lithuania to your foreign partners of friends, Perkunija is the right place to bring them to. Your foreign friends will be excited from the experience of Lithuanian sauna lead by professional sauna masters. Sauna program can be given in Lithuanian, Russian, and English.

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