If you like sauna, we invite you to spend a memorable evening at Perkunija. Our sauna is tailored to professional sauna rithuals and procedures. The shelves are comfortably wide for whisking, body scrub, hammam-type soap bubble or Lithuanian honey massage. The powerful stove, where flames have direct contact with stones, produces light and soft steam, which professionals refer to as “velvet”. Well-designed air ventilation creates a good atmosphere for easy breathing. The hot and cold water supply inside of the sauna facilitates sauna procedures and after-use cleaning of sauna. There is a wooden tub filled with cold water inside of sauna to let visitors and sauna master refresh when desired. After sauna, one can tke a shower or dip into the pond. After whisking procedures, one can comfortably rest on a spacious terrace with a view on picturesque Lithuanian countryside landscape, or have a cup of aromatic herbal tea in the hall area. On the upper floor, there is a massage bed for oil or osier twig massage. Perkunija sauna can be rented with or without the services of the sauna master.

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