How to prepare for a sauna?

Dedicate to sauna visit sufficient amount of time. There should be no hurry when visiting sauna. Don’t plan any business meetings or work for after sauna, as they say the time stops in sauna – you will likely miss on your plans.

When going to sauna, wear comfortable clothes. Remember to wear a hat during the cold seasons to protect your head from exposure to cold after visiting sauna.

What shoud you take with you to sauna?
Pirčiai reikalingi atributai

  • Rubber slippers;
  • Bathing towel or swimming suit. Swimming suit should be of two parts to expose the maximally expose skin to whisks, scrubs and honey.
  • Soaps, shampoo, and shower gel are not really needed in our sauna, as your boody will be purified and moisturized by natural means – swetting, scrubbing, whisking, and noney.

Snacks and beverages

  • Sauna hostess will offer the visitors complementary tea and still water. You probably won’t need other than tea/water drinks or snacks during your visit at Perkunija, but you are welcome to bring light snacks with you (e.g., fruits, vegetables). It is advisable to have a light snack 2 hours prior to visiting sauna. No alchoholic beverages should be consumed during the visit!


  • Depilation (if required) should be done few days prior to sauna, and never on the day of visiting sauna due to increased sensitivity of skin.
  • Should you have any allergies, health concerns (low or high blood pressure, cold, itching, etc.), it is compulsory to consult the sauna master.

See you in sauna!

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