Sauna Rules

  • In sauna all people are equal.
  • Leave all your worries outside the sauna doors.
  • It is not recommended to have a meal less than 2 hours before sauna.
  •  No alchocol or drugs to be taken during sauna rithuals.
  • When resting from sauna, one should drink more tea, water.
  • When visiting sauna, each and every guest is responsible for his/her own health.
  • If children entering sauna parents bear the sole responsibility.
  • It is forbidden to visit sauna for people during sickness, as well as for people having contagious/viral diseas or illness.
  • People who have allergies, low or high blood pressure, or some health concerns, must consult the sauna master prior to entering sauna.
  • When in sauna, obey sauna master’s directions.
  • Be considerate and benevolent.
  • Leave the sauna immediately, should you feel malaise or discomfort.
  • Be tranquil after the sauna rithuals.
  • Mind the wet flors may be slippery.
  • Swimming in the pond should only be done under the supervision of the sauna master.
  • From sauna each takes as much as one can take.

Have a light steam!

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